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Organic Pads & Sckoon

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Organic Pads & Sckoon Empty Organic Pads & Sckoon

Post  indigohoney Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:30 am

Here is a quote from mim in the review of Sckoon:

...First of all they are made of certified organic cotton and certified as biodynamic as a product. There is no other cloth pads that are certified as organic products.

This italicised sentence is untrue. There are plenty of other sellers that use organic fabric and a list is here:

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Organic Pads & Sckoon Empty Re: Organic Pads & Sckoon

Post  Obsidian Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:19 pm

Actually, that may be an accurate statement....

If a pad is made from a certified organic cotton fabric, then the pad can't be classed as certified organic - because the pad itself has not been certified - only the fabric it was made from has.

If the pads have themselves been tested and given the seal of approval by a certification board, then the resulting pad would classed as certified organic.

So Skoon may well be the only pad brand to have their actual pads certified..... I don't know.... however yes, there are other pad makers producing pads made from certified organic fabrics.

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