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MamaBearBabyWear (USA)

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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty MamaBearBabyWear (USA)

Post  Obsidian Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:43 pm


Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty Not my favorite style

Post  mistyriousone Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:39 pm

These are definitely some of the cheaper cloth pads out there which is a plus and why I tried them in the first place as I was just building a stash and needed some for postpartum. I ordered the "Mix & Match Set of MamaBear LadyWear Quick Dry Cloth Menstrual Pads" which included 1 Heavy/Overnight/Postpartum flow pads, 1 Medium/Heavy Flow Pads, 1 Light/Medium Flow Pads. The absorbency is pretty much as described but I didn't care for the style. I found that they do have a tendency to bunch and get uncomfortable. They DO dry very quickly which is a plus especially if you have to line dry them. The quality was ok. One thing I did like about them is that if I was in a position where I couldn't change my pad right then I was able to refold it and have the fresher part of top.


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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty I LOVE her pads!

Post  aarosa93 Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:27 pm

Yes, MamabearBabywear pads are pretty much the cheapest cloth menstrual pads on the market because Amy has in mind that not everyone has the budget to buy so many fancy cloth pads. I believe a lot of people are thankful for that, because she still has wonderful reviews on her pads! I LOVE her pads because of the price and because of the style that they are! I have come to discover lately that tri-fold pads are my favorite style pads because of how fast they dry, and how *CLEAN* they get. All my other AIO pads take forever to dry, especially since I like to save energy in the spring & summer by line drying the pads. And because these pads fold out, you can wear them twice as long, and you can clean them more efficiently!! I love this aspect about her pads because in situations where people don't have washing machines/dryers, apartment dwellers, etc, sometimes people have to handwash and these pads are PERFECT for handwashing. I'm a very traditional type person so that means I don't like to have to rely on technology too much. So I like to be able to handwash out on a nice, sunny, spring day or wherever I need.

Her quality is great. It may not be the most fabulous on the market, but she is definitely talented regardless, as she has a lot of skill at what she does. The absorbancy is on point and despite having no waterproof barrier, it has never leaked on me! I've always been the nervous type when it comes to no-waterproofing, but her pads (and another trifold, non-waterproofed pad brand) already proved to me that waterproofing really is not necessary (unless, perhaps, for those who bleed very heavily). So I like looking for non-waterproofed pads because I know they are the most breathable and hold up really well. So overall, I actually give her pads a 5 stars.

The only reason why I gave the review a 4 stars, however, is because you can't choose your patterns/colors. That's the ONLY disadvantage for me, but if you aren't too picky about that then even that shouldn't be a big deal for some. For me I prefer bright, cheery colors, so I always make a point to mention that to her in the notes section when I make my orders from her. Besides that, her pads itself are 5 stars.

Anyway, I think she deserves a lot of credit for the service she provides and the wonderful products she offers. I really like her pads and will continue to buy from her. Amy is a wonderful seller!


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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty Affordable.

Post  cupcakescarly Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:41 pm

I rated these pads a 4/5.

Customer service: Excellent. Amy is so sweet from the few convos I've had with her, and although it is true that you can't pick specific colors/patterns, she is really good about taking requests; i.e., I wanted some girly florals and received just that. Smile

Quality: Good. The pads wash well, dry fast (which is great for hand washing/if you don't have money to buy tons of pads). The snap on the three of my pads is a bit...lopsided shall I say? I think this is simply due to the nature of the design of her pads, and it does not at all affect the function.

Things to consider:
~Her pads are all cotton flannel or velour. The absorbent core on the heavy pads is zorb or something similar and has held my very verryyy heavy flow for a few hours no problem. Though there is no fleece/PUL to prevent leaks, I've never had an issue. I am very conscious about my flow and when to change pads, though, so if you are not as aware or can't change as often, keep this in mind.
~Her pads are very affordable. Great for someone who wants to go all-cloth right away but doesn't have the money to buy tons of designer/fancy pads.
~She ships fast. Always a plus!
~As I mentioned, great customer service. More importantly, she replies to Etsy convos fast and is FRIENDLY! Smile Many of the more popular sellers are quite short and not very accommodating to newbies in messages. I'm not blaming them, as they have a bigger customer base and most all pad makers are work at home moms, but I want to feel welcomed and appreciated as a customer, especially because I appreciate the sellers and try to be very pleasant via messages. Smile
~The heavy pads have a maxi-pad feel. The tri-fold design makes these pads thicker than some others that hold a similar flow, but I don't mind it, it actually makes me feel secure.

The bottom line: great pads for starters who aren't too picky and/or people who want all cotton pads Smile Don't hesitate to try her out! A heavy pad is only about 5 dollars with shipping!


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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty Affordability and functionality beats all!

Post  linuxgirl Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:06 am


I really can't take any stars off a seller who comes into an already saturated market and provides a brilliant, quality design that does what it says at a fraction of the cost of some of what some of the more premium sellers charge. You can get a kit with one of each of her pads (4) for the price of just one pad from many of the sellers on Etsy! It's true that you can't really choose patterns or colors, but Amy is very sweet and open to general requests (no baby prints, love girly florals, etc), and you have to remember that this is probably how she keeps costs down.

Affordability is nothing if the product does not work as advertised, as I've sadly found out when trying out lower priced sellers. However, Amy's work delivers! These pads are designed brilliantly. The liners actually feel like liners versus mini-pads and provide daily comfort, and the heavier flow pads fit well, stay secure, and feel surprisingly comfortable and narrow despite their bulk. Best of all, as an apartment dweller without a dryer, these fold out and wash up/dry like a dream even if I hand wash and hang them up, meaning that I could get by with just the trial set if I wanted to.

I love that Amy is looking out for the women who don't have the cash to blow on luxury cloth and is providing products that meet their needs. Her communication is so friendly and she ships like lightning, even internationally. Favorite seller thus far.


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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty Excellent Pads

Post  BarbaraMinerva Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:24 pm

These pads are not only affordable, but are also comfortable, well-made, and convenient. They're foldable, which means they dry quickly and are easy to air-dry. This also makes them easy to wash by hand, which is convenient for me since I travel often. You cannot choose colors or patterns, but you can make general requests if you really hate a certain color or pattern. All the pads I've received are very pretty. Most importantly, they are incredibly comfortable. I've been using them for almost a year, and still love them! She has excellent customer service, and her pads come with a care card with tips and info on laundering.
-Foldable, easy to clean and dry
-Extremely comfortable; her flannel pads are super soft!
-Pretty colors and patterns
-Great coverage- (this style worked well for me, although every body is different!)
-Affordable- you can try them out without spending a lot of money
-Good customer service
The only thing I can think of is that you can't choose specific colors/patterns, but I personally do not consider this a bad thing, since I've received awesome patterns in my favorite colors Smile


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MamaBearBabyWear (USA) Empty Re: MamaBearBabyWear (USA)

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