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Tree Hugger (CAN)

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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty Tree Hugger (CAN)

Post  Obsidian Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:46 pm

Tree Hugger

Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)


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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty Re: Tree Hugger (CAN)

Post  acidstars9 Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:47 pm

These are nicely made pads that are made out of bamboo velour or minkee, and the minkee doesn't stain at all. I ordered the light/regular pad. It was a good length, but I thought for being a light/regular pad it was a little thicker than necessary. To me it was more like a heavy pad (she has another heavy pad available). They are very absorbent and soft, but I am looking for more of a thin pad, and with the wings it was a little too bulky for me. It was $9, which isn't too expensive but isn't cheap either. She did provide very good customer service.


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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty TreeHugger

Post  ElizabethAnneBoleyn Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:57 pm

TreeHugger is one of my favorites for several reasons.

Quality- These pads are very well made. Stitching is excellent, materials are wonderfully soft and beautiful, and the pad construction itself is very practical. In addition, the minkee material does not stain! The day pads are a bit thicker than expected, but VERY comfortable, and stay in place very, very well (no shifting or bunching). They are also highly absorbant, and I have never had any leaks using her products.

Price- With special regard to the quality of these pads, the prices are more than reasonable. Currently (as of Jan, 2012) liners are $6 ($7 for hybrid minkee/bamboo velour), regular day pads are $10, heavy day pads are $10, and overnight/postpartum pads are $13. Shipping is also very reasonably priced!

Customer Service- Crystal is amazing to her customers! She has wonderful customer service, stays in touch with her customers to let them know about their orders, and is happy to work with anyone on any concerns they might have. She is also very friendly and a WAHM, which I happen to like supporting!

Overall, I highly recommend these pads. Especially to women who like a little extra comfort during that time of the month.


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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty Soft like Minky

Post  FluffandStuff Fri May 11, 2012 10:37 pm

I rated Treehugger a 4. I bought a set of minky pantyliners. This was my first and so far only trip into Minky. They are super soft. At first I didnt really like them that much. They were too bulky to wear out of the house. They were hot (it was summer). And they just weren't beautiful. Cute and fuzzy, but not beautiful. I felt like I had wasted my money. But, what did I expect?

Six months later, after having a baby, I love them! They are perfect for winter, super soft and comforting, a great post baby around-the-house pantyliner. Good for laughing and sneezing if you know what I mean. Soft for while you are recovering and even after that when you just want something that feels luxurious.
I have ventured out of the house with them and regretted it because the fabric in the snap area is so bulky. They just aren't comfortable to me for being out and about and walking a lot. They are fine in comfy yoga pants and walking around the house. I enjoy them because I feel like they are a little treat and something different than my normal pantyliners. I wouldn't base a collection around them but now that I collect pads I am happy they are in my stash Smile I would consider trying out a overnight pad but I dont really need any more.

Customer Service: Good
Workmanship: Good
Comfort & Fit: Minky is sooo soft and luxurious feeling, the fit is bulky especially for a pantyliner
Look: cute and fuzzy and rich colors
Durability: These seem like they will last forever and never stain.
Value for money: Good


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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty Re: Tree Hugger (CAN)

Post  lizbeth120 Tue May 22, 2012 8:41 am

Purchased: two pantyliners, one light flow, one overnight; all in bamboo velour

Customer Service: Crystal is very responsive to her customers. I emailed her about a custom order and received a response almost immediately that she had set up a custom listing for me. She also sent me an email about when I should expect my pads. I received my pads about 2 and a half weeks after ordering.

Workmanship: The sewing is really good. The bamboo velour is super soft. One pantyliner I ordered had defective snaps though (but I emailed Crystal and she said she guarantees the snaps for life, so I'm mailing it back to get repaired).

Comfort & Fit: Bamboo velour is super soft and comfy! The pantyliners are a little bulky for my tastes, I probably won't order any more pantyliners from Tree Hugger as there are other brands I like more. The light flow pad is a little narrow, but it absorbs like a champ. I wore it on a heavier day and it worked great but I was paranoid that I was going to leak off the sides so I changed it earlier than I probably would have with a wider pad. I really love the overnight pad. It works great on my heaviest days and I didn't have any leaks off the sides (or front or back) of the pad at all even on my heaviest day. I will definitely order more overnight pads once she gets her new Minky patterns next month.

Look (visually appealing): I don't love the shape of the regular pads or pantyliners, but the overnight shape is perfect. She has a lot of fabrics to choose from, minky prints and solids, and solid hand-dyed bamboo velour in tons of different colors.

Durability: Very durable, no staining

Value for money: Prices are a little higher than I have paid for other regular pads ($10) that I like better. The overnight pad was fairly priced at $13. The shipping was very reasonable ($2.75 for my whole order). She also doesn't offer any discounts for ordering multiples or packages.

Overall Rating: 4

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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty First choice

Post  SapphireDaisy Thu May 24, 2012 2:21 am

Oh my gosh I LOVE these pads!!! flower
Minky is THE softest fabric you can put "down there" for sure! While minky is sort of a high pile fabric, combined with Zorb and fleece backed these pads are so lightweight that it doesn't matter to me. As thin as say PIMP's are I do believe that they actually weigh more then a Tree Hugger pad because it just squishes down. You can barely feel they are there actually. Minky does not stain so these are the only pad I use that I don't use a stain stick on. The WAHM Crystal who makes these heavenly pads says she doesn't even rinse hers out. Just tosses them in a wetbag till laundry day and puts them straight in the washing machine! I am kinda anal though and so I usually rinse mine out first. Either way THEY JUST DON'T STAIN! Her selection of both Minky and velour fabrics is by far the most extensive of all the companies out there. She has everything from cute girly prints that a teen might enjoy (or especially me) to a more grown up sophisticated kind of print and of course a rainbow of solid colors you can choose from. She can customize to any size you prefer. She is just so friendly and professional that I have no problem waiting any length of time for custom orders but she really is rather prompt and reliable with emails AND shipping. These would be a great pad for anyone just starting out because of the ease of care, quality , price, and comfort. Oh yeah and I have NEVER had a leak not once! I have about ten other brands in all and these are my first choice "go to" pad time and time again. Even though I don't really NEED anymore, Tree Hugger has a repeat customer in me for life! Well, at least till menopause anyway.tongue Five stars in all areas! AAAAA+++++

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Tree Hugger (CAN) Empty Re: Tree Hugger (CAN)

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