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Mono Mio (USA)

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Mono Mio (USA) Empty Mono Mio (USA)

Post  Obsidian Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:42 am

Mono Mio

Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

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Mono Mio (USA) Empty My favorite pads!

Post  aarosa93 Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:51 pm

I *adore* Mono Mio's foldable cloth pads! The pads come in beautiful patterns and prints and I just love the unique foldable style pads! Most of the pads on the market are AIO style, and I really wish there were more tri-fold cloth brands available on the market because they are too awesome to just overlook! (Mamabear Babywear is about the only other brand that sells tri-fold pads--which by the way I love hers just as much as well!)

The foldable design really makes the pads easy to handwash and clean thoroughly and I like the idea of cleanliness! It dries really fast and that is a major plus! I also like how the pads don't look like "pads" when you hang them to dry. They look like gorgeous square-shaped hand towels or something, so gives a little more privacy when line drying them and makes it not as embarrassing to hang dry them since no one can really tell what it is. And again, the prints are super cute!

The flannel she uses is super absorbent and I never leak with her pads. Actually, I could wear one of her pads ALL DAY and they still won't leak! (They absorb just that much, plus I do not have a super heavy flow or anything like that anyway) And my favorite part about her pads is that she has cute little buttons as a closure for the wings with two button holes. The buttons come in two colors, coconut brown or white) and the buttons are sewn in VERY tightly, so it is very durable! I love that she has decided not to use plastic for buttons and has opted for a more eco-friendly option. Ahh, it's just so traditional... I like that Wink

Mono Mio's pads are fabulous! They are thin, yet absorbent and are beautifully designed, cleans well and dries super fast! All big bonuses! I will always buy from her!


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Mono Mio (USA) Empty Sub par

Post  linuxgirl Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:25 am

This is my review for Mono Mio's cloth panty liners, the mystery pack with detached wings.

I was really excited to try these, because they are priced so affordably, looked so cute, and seemed to truly be the type of liners you can wear to replace disposable ones. Too often, I've found that products sold as cloth 'panty liners' have the same thickness as a pad, just cut in a smaller shape.

Aesthetics were truly the least of my concerns with these. The pack contained 10 liners with two detached wings priced at about 14.50 USD, which means each piece was assembled for little more than a dollar. That said, the shapes were poorly cut, and the sewing came undone from one of the wings after one wash.

I knew going in not to expect great quality for the price, I just wanted them to WORK. Sadly, they did not. The liners are two thin pieces of cotton, sewn around the edges, and then are supposed to stay in place in tight fitting underwear. They simply are too thin and have zero structural integrity that allows them to not bend, twist, and shift, leaving you exposed, not to mention that I had the misfortune of losing a few in the toilet.

The detached wings are a great idea in theory. It's like a snap (well, she uses buttons) attachment that has two elastic bands to insert the liner into. Unfortunately, these did nothing to keep the liners in place, not only due to aforementioned nature of the liners themselves, but because the attachment itself bunched and twisted my underwear no matter what different styles I tried. It was either bunching, or way too 'saggy', allowing too much movement. In desperation, I've even tried taping or bobby pinning the liners to my underwear with limited success.

When I contacted the seller, she had no suggestions as to how to get them to better stay in place, offering an exchange only if I paid the money to return the unused products back to her (international mail). I was not willing to do this, so I can't give a fair opinion on her customer service. However, I have dealt with much more forgiving sellers in the past with more liberal policies, so be aware that you may be stuck with these if you don't like them, as ''No refunds or exchanges will be allowed due to the nature of the products, unless the item is defective.''

All in all, I give Mono Mio a 2. Her pads may be better, but these quite frankly may soon be thrown away. The only reason they receive a 2 is because of the price. If I'd paid more, I would be angry.


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Mono Mio (USA) Empty Re: Mono Mio (USA)

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