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The Silver Liner (USA)

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The Silver Liner (USA) Empty The Silver Liner (USA)

Post  Obsidian Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:21 pm

The Silver Liner

Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

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The Silver Liner (USA) Empty Re: The Silver Liner (USA)

Post  liss1987 Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:55 am

These pads are so beautifully sewn! I cannot find anything wrong with them. I bought two 10" cotton topped, one heavy and one regular (contour style) and one 12.5 minky overnight pad. I had heard that these pads were thicker than others, but I don't find them too thick at all. These pads are so great. They stay in place and feel like I'm wearing nothing. I can't comment yet on the overnight pad because I have not tried it, but it is beautiful and so soft!


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The Silver Liner (USA) Empty Re: The Silver Liner (USA)

Post  Stiched in tyme Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:22 pm

I give the Silver Liner a 3.95 star.

My disclaimer. I have tried 10 different brands and different lengths. I just switched to cloth 9 months ago. I have only tried the Silver Liner's 6.5" light wrap pad and the 6.5" flannel/flannel ovulation liners. I really like how soft the flannel liners are. They won't work for menstrual flow. They are not designed to do so. But they are very soft and absorb heavy cervical mucous discharge! I like the 6.5 inch light flow pads too.

-Sewing 5 stars/Craftsmanship 5 stars-The Silver Liner pads are perfect, and look like they were made in a factory!
-Customer service 5 stars/Professionalism 5 stars- Carrie, is the owner and she was super helpful to me. I was new to cloth and asked her a zillion questions.
-Print selection 5 stars - I had trouble deciding which print to select.
-Absorbent core selection options 5 stars- You can choose what you want inside your pad for a core: organic bamboo, flannel or zorb or a combo of any of them. Personally, I like organic bamboo materials.
-Backing selection 5 stars-You can select a micro fleece or a Windpro fleece
-Comfort 4.5
-Fit 4.5
-thickness 4
-wings 5

Fit- 4.5 stars
All my undies have a 2.5 inch gusset. I can only review the 6.5 wrap style light day pad. I have found that if I use the standard 2.5" snap on the wing the pad will shift and rub my thighs because it is not snug enough. But if I use the 2" snap setting the pads does not shift. I love that fact that I can get a second snap to help make the pad stay put! ;-)  However the fit of the wing on the 2.5 inch snap feels too thick on the side of my thighs because it has absorbency sewn in. I was always a wingless girl when I wore disposables. When set on the 2.5 inch snap, the absorbency in the wing rubs and irritates me! And it feels like I have a thick wad of fabric between my legs because it hits my thighs. However, when I switch the snap to the 2 inch snap, the sensation of having a wad of fabric between my legs is gone and it no longer rubs on my thighs. The smaller 6.5" pad does not come without a layer of absorption in the wings, but the longer lengths do. Warning for petite gals, the pads do shift if in a 2.5" bikini or low rise panty gusset only IF you don' get a 2 inch extra snap setting. Carrie, states clearly on her site to order a second snap (2"), on the 6.5" wrap style pad, if you are new to cloth. I am really petite. If you are comparing me to you, I fluctuate between 88 to 100 pounds and I wear juniors size 12 to 16 skinny jeans.

Comfort- 4.5 stars
This is my personal opinion. I do not like the way the 6.5" pad is stitched on the end edge. It is turned and top stitched which looks beautiful. I like turned and top stitched pads. In fact, I will only buy a turned and top stitched pad because they look beautiful. I don't buy pads that are surged. But the soaker layer is not stitched down so on the edge of the pad there is a tall, large thick bump. When I sit down on it the raised surface edge it is uncomfortable and irritating sometimes. If my whole body is achy and I have a heavy flow, I can't feel it because I am in so much pain. But when my cycle lightens up, I feel like I am sitting on a row of peas!! Kind of like the princess and the pea.  If you get a long enough pad, you might not feel the thick bump on the edge. But I feel it when I am not in pain and it irritates me when I sit. However, when I snap the pad on the narrowest 2 inch snap, I can pull the pad forward or backwards a bit and then I don't feel the bump anymore. If the pad is on the 2.5 inch setting,  the edge of my tail bone hits the bump edge and it does hurt. (I still wear these pads). I just have to make sure I position it correctly before I snap it up on the 2 inch snap. Very Happy 

Thickness - 4 stars
When the Silver Liner is open to customs you can chose your absorbent core. I like the Bamboo cores because I like natural organic fibers. You can select Windpro fleece for the back or a fluffier fleece. Personally, I like the Windpro fleece because it stays looking nicer longer. The Silver Liner light pad with Windpro fleece is a bit thick for my taste. All her pads do get thicker as the absorbency goes up. However, if I am gushing, I don't care how long or thick my pad has to be. I don't want to leak. Very Happy 

But I prefer wearing pads that are ultra, ultra thin. I don't like to feel the pad in my undies. I like thin pads with thin wings that disappear. For me a 5"- 6" pad is perfect.  I never liked thick maxi pads. I know a lot of women like how a thick and cushy maxi pad feels and the sense of security it gives to have extra absorbency. If you like a thicker maxi pad you will really enjoy the Silver Liner. The Silver Liner light day pad is only slightly thicker than other ultra thin brands moderates. The thickness of the light day pad does not bother me. In fact, I wear it on my light days. I wore it on a light day that turned into a heavy gusher with no warning and I leaked off the back through my jeans. That was my fault! Very Happy I never know when my light day will turn into a gusher. So maybe I should just stick to wearing a 7.5" moderate to heavy to be safe. Yep, I should have worn a 7.5" heavy pad. I am considering trying the 6.5" in a heavy flow if she makes it or I will buckel and get an 8 inch length for my gusher heavy flow days. Then I might want to get the absorbency in the wing, for heavy gusher flow days. Because it is not fun leaking through your jeans because your absorbency level is off. I know the thickness in the Silver Liner pads do go up as you increase absorbency on your pad. You may find that for you, the comfort level is a 5. I haven't tried her higher absorbency yet.

Wings with absorbency 5 star
I do not like the thick absorbent wings rubbing on my thigh! I found that if I snap the pad on the optional 2nd snap that fits tighter the pad does not rub and bother me. Very Happy  When it is on the 2.5 snap setting, there is about 1- 1.5 inches of material that hits the side of my thighs. I just don't like the fabric rubbing back and forth. The wings themselves are very absorbent and would be great for heavy flows or postpartum. Most days I have a light flow so I don't need the absorbency in the wing. It is nice to have on a light to moderate day.  In addition, I prefer a core soaker that is stitched down so that it lays flat and does not have a large raised bump on the edge.  

Lastly, I know that the Silver Liner does offer longer pads with or without absorbency in the wings. However, I only wear 5 to 7 inch long pads because I am very, very petite teenager. I can wear a 7-7.5 pad at night and be fine. I am a really, really petite teenager, I range in weight from 88 pounds up to 100 pounds and I wear juniors size 12 to 16 jeans and size extra small underwear. So the only pad I buy is the 6.5 inch pad the other lengths offered by the Silver Liner does not suit my needs well. I am not sure if she offers the 6.5" in different absorbency levels or not. I encourage you to try different lengths and absorbency because you might have a different experience. Especially if you are most comfortable wearing 8" or 10" pads. I know the Silver Liner's pads are very popular and a lot of people really enjoy the longer lengths! Laughing 

To sum it up, I did not write this review to be mean. I just wanted to help other girls out there who like ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra thins. And who happen to be very petite teens. I personally, enjoy other brands much more because they feel like a second skin because there is no raised edge and I easily forget that I am wearing a cloth pad. I still wear my Silver Liner pads. They are comfortable if they are set on the more narrow snap setting. Cool If you are a very, very petite teen, like me, you will NOT find the Silver Liner 6.5 inch wrap pad with the 2nd snap setting very uncomfortable. But if you only get the standard snap, you will find it uncomfortable. Sad  Remember,  if you are a different body type, you might find the longer pads without absorbency in the wings very, very comfortable. And you may need the extra absorbency in the wing if you are a gusher. Cool  Make sure to adjust your pad so you bum doesn't sit on the edge of the raised turned and top stitched bump. Lol. I am a bit of a Princess in the Pea when it comes to comfort. Lol. Every women is different. ;-) Don't let my review stop you from buying a few pads from the Silver Liner to try out. Very Happy  On my light to slightly moderate days, I wear my 6.5 inch light day Silver Liner pads on the 2nd snap setting. And I am not unhappy with my purchase. Laughing

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The Silver Liner (USA) Empty Re: The Silver Liner (USA)

Post  adnama621 Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:34 pm

5 stars!!

The Silver Liner pads are what converted me to full time cloth pad use instead of tampons on the heavy days. I couldn't get over the fear that a cloth pad thick enough for the heavy days would feel uncomfortable, so for the longest time I used only thin liners on spotting days. Well Carrie worked with me to get my first few light and regular pads and I finally gave it a shot. AMAZING! Not only was my flow lighter than when I use tampons, but the pads were so comfortable. I have a large collection now that I use regularly including 6.5" cotton wrap liners, 8" contour cotton liners, 8" contour minky/windpro lights and moderates, 8" contour cotton/windpro lights and moderates. I also have a few 10" and heavy pads that I haven't needed yet, I have a lighter flow that even pretty much stops at night.

Every pad fits every person differently, so I expected to have to try out a few styles before finding my favorite. When I am spotting the 6.5" cotton liner during the day and 8" cotton at night (just in case) completely disappear. I prefer the cotton topped, windpro back, contour slim style (no absorbency in the wings) when I need a light or moderate pad. Even the moderate is thin enough that I don't feel it after a minute or two. The light completely disappears for me. I have never had a problem with shifting on the 2.5" snap. If you are comparing...I'm 5"2 and 134# and wear size 8 pants.

Prints...Carrie has so many beautiful pads I find myself buying more even when I don't need them!

Quality...Perfection. The stitching is absolutely flawless. Even her "seconds" look professional.

If I had to find a complaint I would say the only thing I would like to see is a store always stocked full of hundreds of pads....but Carrie sells them out too quickly ;-)


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The Silver Liner (USA) Empty Re: The Silver Liner (USA)

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