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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  Admin on Thu May 27, 2010 6:33 pm

Fussybutt Pads

Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

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jonahsmommy Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:13 pm
These are the best pads i own. They are so comfortable and have the unique feature of being OV topped in the most beautiful hand dyed colors and are wool backed which never leaves a leak. The wool backing allows for so much more breathability over fleece backed. They are now called Fussy Moonbows and can be purchased at
Not to mention Christy provides the most amazing personalized customer service.
mumtoasher Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:38 am
Christy has the best customer service around, everything about the transaction went perfectly. I had a bit of an emergency situation where I needed a large order of pads fast, and she exceded my expectations in getting them to me. The pads are flawless and look great, but most of all they are incredibly trim, yet surprisingly absorbant for their size. Very comfortable and they stay put with no problems at all. My pads have now been washed several times and they are still in wonderful shape.
binxsmom Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:56 pm
fabulous pads!!! i have tried many brands of cloth pads and these are my fav. by far. i have several pads that are so bulky, they twist while being worn. i also have tried pads that are just wayyyyyy too short, thus, not really serving their intended purpose. kwim? fussybutt pads are awesome.
the size and thickness is perfect.

the use of organic wool and organic cotton are excellent choice of materials. while very trim, the organic velour is super absorbent. ascetically, the dye job is perfect and the sewing is impeccable. there is such attention to detail; even the thread/fabric/snap combinations are thoughtful and well-coordinated.

as previously stated, these are my favorite pads around. i will definitely be ordering more!
luxebaby Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 6:36 am
Love my pads from Fussybutt! The wool is so perfect. It doesn't shrink in the wash & keeps me dry.
Not bulky. Christy's sewing is perfection! I have to give her 5 stars for this one! Very Happy
LisaS Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:11 pm
Fussybutt Moonbow pads are my favorite pads. The heavier pads (large) are very trim and comfortable yet absorbent. I have tried several mama pads are the Fussybutt Moonbow pads are the only ones that I forget I'm wearing. These are the only pads my teen will use. The pads are made from organic fabrics and very well made. Thank you Fussybutt!
mamamo Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:31 am
I've been a fan of cloth pads for 5 years now. I've tried many different styles/makers and been satisfied. But that's all over now--I ADORE Fussybutt's Moonbow pads and have replaced my entire stash with them. Christy has a fabulous design for washable wool-backed pads that just rocks! Add to that--her awesome hand-dyed vibrant colors and oh-so-soft velour and you have a product that will absolutely be the favorite pad(s) in your collection.

In fact, this is the pad to buy to convert any die-hard-paper-pad-wearing friends to go green. Give it a try.
avalanchelynn Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:50 am
loving my moonbow pads!

great cs from christy, who even included little extras into my order when i got them, thanks! Very Happy

they've very well made, thin, absorbent, washes and rinses out well...the colors are soooo pretty! truly makes me wanna get them all so i'd have a beautiful rainbow whenever my af comes along...

great value for $, think i will need to stock on more! Wink
anonymouse Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:16 pm
How I love my fussy lady/moonbow petite pads! They're dip dyed and so so plush and comfy. Christy's funny and friendly to work with too, and you can see why her diapers are in such high demand because she's such an incredible sewer. I have 3 and wish I had them all. They may seem expensive up front but as they last so long they are completely worth the price. You will not regret buying from this seller.
AmyBean Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:59 am
Christy's work is fabulous. Sewing is always flawless, pads are trim, wool backing never shrinks, and the all organic nature is a big plus, too. I really like the fit of these, especially the petite pads as I don't like to wear long pads during the day. They provide excellent coverage and the wool works wonderfully to keep any leaks at bay. I have a small collection and it's hard to not buy more.
pugetsound Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:29 pm
I have four of Christy's pads, and have just ordered two more (they are on their way).

In my first order, I bought three bamboo velour topped pads in the pumpkin color. One is a heavy pad for overnight, and two are regular size. Her pad sizes are perfect for my needs. They are incredibly soft, very absorbant, and the colors are beautiful! Christy even included an extra pad in my order, which completely surprised and amazed me. The extra pad is a deep purple organic cotton topped pad with dyed purple wool backing. It is lovely and I feel very lucky to have it. I love the wool backing on her pads! Everything has washed up beautifully with zero staining. Her sewing is extremely well done and of very high quality.

I just ordered two more pads from her current hyena cart stocking, in a girly camo color with wool backing and pink snaps.

These pads are so incredibly soft and comfortable that I cannot even feel them when I'm wearing them. I was not expecting any cloth pad to be that comfortable. They feel very trim, but are so absorbant.

Christy is extremely friendly, very responsive to e-mails, and incredibly generous. Her hand-dyed colors are gorgeous. I cannot say enough good things about her pads. I'm sure I'll be adding more of them to my collection soon.
frenchie Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:19 pm
Years ago, before I had the internet, I learned about cloth pads through a natural living magazine. I saw an ad for Luna pads, and went ahead and ordered them. I loved them, I loved using cloth. They were flannel cotton. Bulky as heck, but better than sposies, and WAY better than a tampon. I felt good about my choice to switch. I used them for 5 years, got pregnant and tossed them. I intended to buy new ones when I started my period again. I never did. There was always a reason I continued to use sposies.

Here we are, 5 years after my first child was born. I had another baby a year ago, and my period just started a few months back. With the wonders of the internet, I have learned that there are much BETTER choices for menstrual cloth. I asked around, and Christy spammed me. I recieved one pad to try, and I am in LOVE with her pads. At first, I was very leary. The pad is SO trim. I couldn't understand where all the flow was going to be absorbed. I very cautiously gave it a try. I made sure I wasn't going far, and that my clothes could easily cover an accidental leak. No leak, no issues at all. The comfort is the best part!! No bulk, no shifting...I almost forgot I was wearing it!! It's extrememly absorbent, no less than a disposable pad.

I have been shouting about Fussy Butt pads from the rooftops! The comfort is exceptional, the quality is exceptional, and the price is right. You totally get what you pay for. An excellent product at an excellent price!
choices Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 12:08 am
I have tried a fussy moonbow Bamboo velour / wool pad in the petites, regular and XL and these are absolutely my favorite pads.

For the first time in my 4 years of cloth padding experience, I had a panic moment where I couldn't remember whether I was actually wearing a pad or not!

Super trim with 'just enough' absorbency for me, these are pretty much the perfect pad

Customer Service - Christy ships super fast, and I got my package from her well packaged for international. She's a lovely mama to deal with too, it's always a pleasure

Workmanship - THIS is where fussybutts really excel. Christy is a design freak and it shows in her pads, the workmanship is exceptionally good. Serging is always even, shape is symmetrical and the little touches (like the scalloping embroidery on the pad is just ... beyond words. Snap placement is excellent - in fact there are 2 snap settings which I always love.

Comfort & Fit - very comfortable. No bunching, lays flat and seems like it was custom made for me !

Look - COLORS - very vibrant and pretty and don't fade. Serging threads and snap colors are beautifully matched to the pad color too. This is a really really pretty pad. I haven't had much staining either, which is always fantastic.

Durability - Had the pad for 2 months now and it's holding up great. Doesn't hold on to stains too much (does a little because it's a natural fabric), no issues with fraying etc. Snaps are not showing imminent signs of stretching or falling out.

Value for money - I think fussy moonbows are excellent value, given the workmanship, the quality of the materials etc - they look to be able to hold up for a very long time.
TeddyBearz Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:48 pm
I love, love Fussy pads, they're the best pads I've ever had! I have both bamboo velour and bamboo fleece ones. I really like that they're wool backed because they're made from all natural materials. Smile (My other pads are fleece backed and I prefer wool.) And the colors... just wow! Smile

As for the customer service, Christy is the best! I love doing business with her! Smile
Carolinamidwife Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:04 pm
This is my first review here and I'm glad it's for a product as awesome as Fussybutt's pads. I'm super picky and I have tried a bazillion pads and hers are the only ones I am willing to use.

Christy has awesome customer service. I became a fan many years ago when she went above and beyond with an embroidery order; I've been stalking her ever since. She ships quickly and always goes the extra step to make sure you're satisfied.

Her workswomanship is the best out there. I sew, so I can always spot the flaws and I know where to look for mistakes; I have never spotted a mistake on any Fussybutt item. Even her seconds are better than my firsts, lol. Her pads don't curl up or slide around, they wash time after time and come out looking good as new. No pilling or shrinking or getting all deformed like some pads do.

The comfort is where I give the most credit, I think. I usually give up on cloth pads because they bunch up and feel like a diaper or they slide forward or backward and you leak. Christy's stay in place and they feel like they're not even there.

They're gorgeous, like all Fussybutt stuff. One of my favorite things about Fussy stuff is that it has such a unique look; Christy has a great sense of style. When you get the pads you feel like a crazy person because you find yourself petting a menstrual product. I swear you will want to pet them! They're so pretty.

As for durability I would say these are the best pads I have in rotation. It seems like most of them get dingy and pill but my Fussybutt pads look close to new. I stain treat them so that might be part of it but they seem more stain resistant than other pads. The snaps have held up fine, the fabric doesn't show signs of wear.

I think they are a great value for your money, you could buy cheaper pads but they're not going to last you more than a year at best. These pads are a great investment, I expect mine to last a loooong time.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  linuxgirl on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:51 am

I rated these a 3.

The fabrics and customer service are absolutely fabulous and top-notch, which is what kept Fussy in the neutral rating in my mind. The fabrics are gorgeously soft and the seller is so, so sweet and open to questions and making things right.

However, I've found that these pads are not as easy to care for as advertised. You can't soak them in oxyclean or similar solutions due to the wool backing, and I found out too late that you can't use "normal" laundry detergent either without degrading the wool! The wool backing has become useless for me, and does nothing to deter leaks. Even the new ones I have are par in leak prevention at best. So I'm left with pads that are stained with little to be done, and leak. I will note that the seller is being absolutely fabulous about this and is working on a custom for me with a different backing (poly fleece) at significant discount. I just want to warn others about this potential problem.

There are also some flaws in sewing. Though I understand all pads are handmade and that's part of the charm, Fussy pads are priced high enough that I was expecting better quality. They're not so bad as to fall apart, but there are uncut and frayed threads and such, and I just feel perhaps a bit more care could be taken. Again, the seller has been very apologetic and amazing about getting replacements to me.

All in all, I'd recommend giving the seller a try, as she's gotten such high ratings from others, and even with all my problems, I truly feel she has done her best to make it right for me. I'm just a bit jaded from all the hassle, and after trying some different pads from different sellers, have become a bit pampered with just buying them and them working fine! I did my best to give a fair review.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  memorist on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:15 am

I love love LOVE these pads, they are my absolute favorite.

The fit is just amazing, i can sometimes even forget i am wearing a pad with one of these babies on (i have them in every size from petite to XL - obviously i'm talking about the petite one when i forget i'm wearing it).

I prefer the bamboo fleece to the velour pads, i think they stand up better to wear over time.

Because it is a natural fabric, like other natural fabric it will tend to hold stains more, but I just wash asap and dry in the sun, i don't have any major staining issues.

I also really love the wool backing and find this is one of my most breathable pads. I don't have any problems with holes or non-waterproofness with my pads.

Sometimes the blood will show up on the wool, but it never actually seeps through.

I think the dye is very good (the colors hold fast on the pad and haven't faded for me), and i thought the serging was really great, the sewing was great, and i haven't had ANY quality issues with my over 8 pads.

if you're looking for a 100% natural pad, definitely Moonbows are the way to go.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty My very favorite cloth pads!

Post  operatio on Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:10 pm

I rated these a 5.

I've been using a variety of Fussybutt pads almost exclusively for about 2 years. My original pads still look almost new. All are as waterproof as the day I bought them. To prevent staining on the velour, I run a little cold water over each pad before I put it into my laundry. I don't soak them, exactly, but the cold water keeps the stains from setting. I wash with the same detergent that I wash my baby's diapers with: Country Save. Works beautifully. I've recommended these pads so many times that my friends are tired of hearing about them! But for those friends who've tried one, they've all bought more and converted to Fussybutt pads.

I have the wool/cotton/velour pads in sizes petite, regular, and large. I also have a whole pile of the new Moonlite pads, which were perfect for urine leakage during my recent pregnancy.

And as a side note, I'm now using the Fussybutt nursing pads as well. Out of all the brands of cloth pads that I'm trying, I love my Fussybutt pads the most. So comfortable, leak proof, and they conform to my breast so they don't show through my shirt.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  GreenTreeThreads on Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:19 pm

I rated fussybutt pads a 5

These are hands down the best pads out there that I have tried. They are extremely well made and I have never once had a problem with mine. You can use regular laundry detergent to wash them and you can even dry on hot from my experience. I have washed and dried mine on hot since the day I got them, and they still look new. The wool has held up perfectly and there are not any holes at all.
The sewing is top notch and the customer service was fabulous. I had lots of questions about her pads, sizing, and washing instructions. She was really helpful and patient with me as I placed my order. I was the type of person that wouldnt use pads because they seemed to bulky to me. I have used other cloth pads and I notice I am wearing them, if you know what I mean. With fussybutt pads, the fit is perfect. I dont even notice I am wearing a pad at all.
I would highly recommend her pads if you want a pad that is beautiful and will last a long time.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty fussybutt moonbows rock!!

Post  kristi2b on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:45 pm

I rate these at a 5

I have use these pads and they are the best out there ,they are so super soft, you forget you are wearing them.These pads breath very good and don't stick or make you sweaty like the store bought plastic ones.They stay put and are made very very well, O and the colors are so beautiful,these pads also wash up very good.I use rockin green laundry detergent and you can even do a overnight soak in it and then wash them in the morning and it really helps get every thing to come out with out hurting the colors.the laundry detergent that I mentioned is mainly used for cloth diapers but you can use it on other things to cause it doesn't have harsh chemicals in it.And customer service is awsome, they best that I have experianced! I just can't say enough about these! Try them and you won't be sorry, they are the best in my book!!!



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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  Obsidian on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:38 pm

I have one of these, a purple (of course) velour topped one. I rate it a 5.

I haven't really worn it with a heavy enough flow to test the absorbency/leakproofness, but it's a good fit, with a nice snapped width (which is adjustable with 2 snap settings). The overlocking (serging) is very well done, especially around the rounded ends of the wings (I find that hard myself). It's held up fine with washing it's had (machine washing, with "normal" but eco-friendly detergent), still looks great...

I got mine as a custom order, because my only complaint is that they are usually only available in sets.... which is probably good value, but if you just want 1 or 2 pads, it's a little frustrating

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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  indira on Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:11 pm

I've posted my review in the old website, but I can't find it on Spoiler No

I have love and hate relationship with this pad and I rate it 3.
I have all of their sizes.

I love it because: it's thin. Very very thin, except the XL pad.

I hate it because: it stains (a lot), it takes forever to dry after I wash it (compared with other pads I have).

Then, just like Linuxgirl, I had problem with the wool backing. I purchased this online, luckily the seller send me a new one.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  ZDjinmonet on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:03 pm

I rated them a 5.

Below is a copy of a review written back in April. I have ordered more since then. As gifts, as custom amazing dye jobs, and group orders. For me, the wool, undyed or dyed, makes all the difference to any other velour topped pads. I should also add that we have made much use of the little rounds she now sells. Smile

These pads set the gold standard. They were among the first pads we ordered, & now have all sizes other then reg, in all current fabric combos. The dyed wool, when you can find one offered for sale, must be seen. The dyed wool really sets off the color choices of the top fabric very well. Should charge more for those, & offer them more, then I wouldn't feel so much like I can't breath until the order goes through & it's mine, lol.

If it sounds like I'm describing a collectable, I feel I am. The vast variety of colors, & color combinations, mean you keep wanting just one more... One of the woman in this household testing the pads did manage to bleed right through a large pad in less then 30 mins. And did that same trick overnight on an extra large, which was a bit more understandable. I had tested them beforehand by pouring 1/4 cup, (in less then 15 min on a large pad), before there was even a hint of leak thru, so I figured she'd be safe. Water tested was concentrated in the front (wider area, just how she bleeds). She now uses a booster under, for day, & a big PUL pad for overnight. No one else has managed to bleed thru the wool, so it's a great breathable pad for the rest of us all day & night.

I ordered a pad for a friend, who was worried about the wool. Even a tiny bit of blended wool usually bothers her. My friend was excited when it did not break her out, & she wants more of them. Christy's customer communication & response is top notch. Her art is a pleasure. Christy also sends wonderful samples. One sample sparked off a whole liner set order! Another order included a free velour booster pad, which was very needed, & timely. What had us all oohing, was the drop dead georgeous dark purple/violet size petite velour pad. Marked as a second. I keep checking the various site that sell her pads hoping to see that color again.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty LOVE fussybutt

Post  christih on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:47 pm

So luxurious. Feels wonderful and washes up really nicely.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty The Gold Standard of Cloth Pads

Post  archtxt on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:51 am

What the heck? I had posted a review a long time ago and now it's completely gone. No Oh well, this will give me a chance to update.

I gave Christy's pads a 5 star rating. I've tried a LOT of pads and these are the best in terms of comfort and absorbency and are the ones I really go to first when I'm at home.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Let me first say, the customer service has been amazing and she has answered every little question I had as a first time cloth user up until now and has been very attentive AND interested in the performance of her product. And I love how experimental she has been with all of my testing to find the perfect combination for my flow.

SEWING: The sewing has consistently been top-notch and actually impressive. I'm not sure what that other reviewer is talking about.

Now, about the important stuff: PERFORMANCE. I'll preface this by saying that I have an enormously heavy flow (torrential, at times).

WOOL BACKING: I have found the wool to be an excellent natural backing. As long as I'm not wearing the pad longer than I should be, the wool acts as a barrier and while I can sometimes see the blood has made it up to the wool, it usually won't leak through. I do have to be really careful to be more cognizant of my flow than I am with my other PUL and procare-backed pads, however, and have had a couple of accidents in the beginning, but Christy now sews an extra absorbent layer into my pads for my heaviest flow days and that works really well. I would suggest refreshing the waterproof protection of the wool from time to time, too, by spraying lanolin on the backing.

TOPPINGS: I have found the best toppings to be the hemp and bamboo velours because of the superior absorption and the fuzziness of the fabric which prevents leakage out the sides of the pad (due to a sudden gush). The bamboo fleece (the smooth topping) was not sufficient for me and would leak out to the sides. One experiment we also tried was reversing the bamboo fleece so that the fuzzy side was up and that worked fairly well, too. Ultimately, I preferred the velours.

COMFORT: The velour pads are so comfortable and soft they are a joy to wear. The fabrics breathe and are not hot and sweaty. The width and tapering are perfect and the snaps keep the pad in place, fine. I've also used the booster wingless pads as pads by themselves without any problems.

WASHING & CARE: I do find staining with most of my other pads, especially the lighter colored ones, but I have found staining to be a particular issue with these more than my other pads due to the superior absorption of the bamboo (two edged sword, eh?). What I do to deal with this is soak them for about a week in cold water and natural soap (& a few drops of tea tree oil or some vinegar as an anti-bacterial), changing the water daily until wash day. For any staining that the soaking didn't take care of, I will squeeze the pad out and pour some hydrogen peroxide on it and let it sit until the stain comes out. Sometimes a second application is required. I have also heard that salt in the soaking water can help, so I will try that.

I'm currently switching out to the procion-dyed Moonbow pads in dark colors because I've found that they stain much less and the dark color hides everything.

I wash my pads in the washer with natural detergent and then I air dry them for longevity. I have accidentally put one in a dryer and it came out fine.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty New favorite!

Post  alohaohlala on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:40 pm

Christy's products are a dream and so is her service.
She got back to me right away with lots of advice and recommendations for all my questions.
I chose a custom order and I'm very happy I did:
4 x Moonlite liner with dyed bamboo velour & wool backing
1 x Moonbow pad, petite with dyed bamboo velour & wool backing
I chose the liners to wear with sea sponges - but the wool backed liners even held me over in between sponges, which is exactly what I was hoping for.
Shipping was so quick I actually received the pads just in time to try them and they're amazing! I'm a convert and I'm even a little bummed I'll be putting these away till next month!
Thanks for such a nice experience!


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

Post  fireaphid on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:03 pm

I have a set of Moonlite liners and really like them. Because each pad is made from different materials, you can try out a variety, so it's not like getting six of the same exact thing. (I normally am not a fan of shops that make it hard to get individual pads or a "combo pack" with one of each type because I don't think buying six of the same thing is a good way to build a stash, even if the rainbow theme is attractive.) Compared to other pads made from high-end materials, these are a great value.

Also, the customer service can't be beat! When I placed my order, I was pretty picky about which types of fabrics and colors I wanted, and the lady behind SewFussy met my demands. Not only that, but when one of the snaps broke a couple years later, the seller offered to send me a replacement. Other than that one problem, I can't complain about the durability or workmanship.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty great for postpartum!

Post  photog61 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:48 pm

i rate them a perfect 10!

i ADORED having the extra large pads at the hospital when i had my baby instead of wearing the hospital's yucky pads. and these are way more absorbent! (which is good 'cause i bled like crazy!) BUT one thing i didn't think of was the nap on the velour was too long and poked at my episiotomy stitches which really hurt. so after my swelling went down sitting on the velour pads was uncomfortable. so if your buying them for postpartum, you should definitely keep that in mind! (this was completely "user error" and nothing to do with the quality of the pads!)

besides that christy's pads are all amazing and i've been wearing them for years now. and she's very quick to communicate and a nice woman all around!


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Love them!!

Post  Misfitintoyland on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:19 am

I rated a 5

I love Fussybutt pads. They were some of the first I purchased and i am a repeat customer. Currently I have about 10 of her pads and liners. I love the beautiful colors and the softness and comfort of the pads. Customer service is top notch and she is the sweetest woman ever.

The only thing I wish for in her pads is a little more stability....they are so soft that they don't hold shape very well when worn. The serging is awesome and fabrics are top notch high quality though.


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Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN) Empty Re: Fussybutt Pads (USA/CAN)

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