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Punky's Pads (USA)

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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Punky's Pads (USA)

Post  indigohoney Fri May 28, 2010 1:02 am

Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

Our last forum disappeared due to a server breakdown at our last host. Reviews and poll results from that old forum have been copied here exactly as they were written in the previous reviews.

Old forum poll results and reviews are under this spoiler:

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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Re: Punky's Pads (USA)

Post  popples Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:26 pm

Jackie makes wonderful pads! Fun prints and masterful craftsmanship!

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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Uses batting :/

Post  hangingonthread Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:23 pm

Punky's pads: /

Rating: 3

I have 3 from this seller, but, I don't feel quite confident using them. 2 of them are very poorly serged that I had to zig-zag stitch some areas on them. They are very durable however. Even though they are thin and not bulky, I have never leaked through them.

However, this seller uses "batting". Batting is a material (not even a fabric) used in quilts for insulation and thickness. It's not an appropriate material for use in a reusable cloth menstrual pad. Batting is a material that you can tear apart with your fingers and it disintegrates in the washing machine if you pre-wash. And since you cannot pre-wash this material, it slightly shrinks when you put it into a cloth pad. So I know that slowly overtime this material will disintegrate in the pad and that it is not absorbent. It's like stuffing cotton balls into a pad.

In her listings she prides herself and says "100% Organic Cotton." Well...what type of organic cotton is it? A fleece, a flannel? What? No, it's batting. I feel like I was ripped off and misled. I am very angry and have no desire to use pads with batting in them.

While her design is beautiful, functional, and choice in fabrics is wonderful, I don't appreciate how she doesn't tell customers what is *exactly* in her cloth pads. Since these are "AIO" (All-In-One) pads and not pocket or insert pads, I cannot see what is inside of them obviously. And this is why sellers should specify exactly what is inside of their AIO pads.

I will not purchase from her again and will never recommend.

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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Not a second time for me

Post  Whoopsy Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:29 am

I rate her pads a 1

As a seller she is nice enough to work with and her fabrics are very, very cute.

However, the pads suck. Where is the PUL? Where is the absorbent core?
Wearing them (I ordered more then one, straight away) I leaked through the pads. Not even on a light day I can leave it in for an hour, as it right away leaks through at the spot.
The worst thing is that, as a gift I also ordered one for my eldest sister to try and she now has had a very bad first experience and is very hesistant to try another!!


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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Re: Punky's Pads (USA)

Post  notamama Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:19 am

I have a regular pad from PunkysPads. The pad itself is super cute and well constructed, but it does not work for me. It is supposed to be suitable for moderate to heavy flow days, but it not very absorbent. This is the only pad I own that has PUL, so it might be that my flow and PUL just do not play well together. Essentially my flow ends up running towards the edges of the pad rather than being absorbed into the pad, and I get very bad leaks at the edges and especially around the wings. I don't trust the pad at ALL for regular days. Unfortunately, it is also a fairly large, full coverage pad, so it's not very comfy for light flow days either.

It's a shame, really - these are the perfect shape and size for my regular flow days, and the fabric is really cute, but the pad just does not work. I might be willing to try one of the liners for everyday use, but given my experience, I would not pay full price for them.


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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Cool fabrics, good sturdy pad

Post  Misfitintoyland Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:23 am

I rated a 5

I only have one of these pads, in a super cool corset fabric with black fleece backing. It's a medium flow pad, which is perfect for me because even on my heaviest day I don't bleed much. It is comfortable to wear, good length and did not bleed through.


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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Store closed

Post  morteamoureuse Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:37 pm

My experience with Punky's Pads was always a positive one. Her pads worked fine for me, and I loved the prints. I was a little surprised when I read the review above commenting on the quality of the materials she used. Seems I won't have to worry about that now, though, since after several months without hearing nothing from her, I visited her shop again to find that it's closed. Perhaps my only complaint about the time I was a customer was that she was not very communicative, but I never gave it much thought since I am always busy and I figure a WAHM must be busy as well.


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Punky's Pads (USA) Empty Re: Punky's Pads (USA)

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