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Sckoon (US/CAN)

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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Sckoon (US/CAN)

Post  indigohoney Fri May 28, 2010 2:50 am


Please rate how well you liked this product out of 5 (with 5 being the highest)

Our last forum disappeared due to a server breakdown at our last host. Reviews and poll results from that old forum have been copied here exactly as they were written in the previous reviews.

Old forum poll results and reviews are under this spoiler:

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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Re: Sckoon (US/CAN)

Post  memorist Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:02 am

these are my least favorite pads. I have had these for 5+ years but i rarely if ever use them (unless i'm desperate)

I have the holder and the exchangeable cotton inserts.

You have to fold the cotton inserts, the cotton shrinks in the wash so it gets all "wavy" (obviously this was not prewashed before sewing), and then it doesn't fit well in the holder (becomes too short and it bunches up in the middle due to the many layers of folded cloth). it's bulky, and not super absorbent, just a very clumsy system.

Funnily enough, they are very well made other than the shrinking thing, the serging and sewing is extremely professional.


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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Sckoon is the best cloth menstrual pads

Post  mim Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:04 pm

I have used quite a few brands of cloth menstrual pads and among all, Sckoon pads are the highest. First of all they are made of certified organic cotton and certified as biodynamic as a product. There is no other cloth pads that are certified as organic products.

Second they are very, very soft. The Sckoons felt like I was wearing nothing -- no sticky dryness like paper pads -- even when the pad was used. I was really surprised to see how comfortable they were after a few hours even. I could hardly feel them against my skin. And the absorbed a lot, a lot more than I expected and really, a lot more than I thought possible.
I have used some Sckoon Pads over 5 years but their silky softness has been unchanged after numerous washes.

Lastly I love the practical design! To me, having a removable pad was a critical part of the design. It is less to carry and easy to change. I love my Sckoon pads.


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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Mnestrual Pads

Post  organicmom Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:20 pm

I really love Sckoon pads. I was using Glad rags and lunapads before, but frankly Sckoon pads are much better. The fit is extremely comfortable and easy to clean Smile . The fabric is soooo soft and breathable.


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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Re: Sckoon (US/CAN)

Post  hangingonthread Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:14 pm


Rating: 4

Value: These pads are super expensive and their durability and construction doesn't match with the price. I am only giving these pads a 4 because I love the organic fabric used (so soft) and the foldable-insert design, as this is why I got them. There is no stability in their stock..the inserts you get with the pad are different with the ones you get separately. So irritating! These pads absorb a lot, I have worn them with heavy flow. The nylon (I assume they use) is not so good for a heavy flow as I leaked once or twice with them and onto the bias tape. That is another thing..why not just serge the edge of these pads or turn/top-stitch? The bias-tape adds a lot of bulk. And also..these pads can SHRINK if you go to crazy with hot temperature settings when washing... But this isn't a surprise as most if not all retailers don't pre-wash their fabric. The insert needs to be folded to go into the base, and depending on how lucky you are with the insert you got, it can go in and stay in well. Sometimes the insert will pop out as it was not made long enough :/
I know these pads are well made with attention to aesthetic detail, but it's sad considering the shrinkage and insert issue :(
Here is a link about their washing/care information: While they pride themselves on how lovely their fabric is, it SHOULD be pre-washed!

Customer Service: I purchased 2 second day pads and a pack of 2 inserts (one for me and sis), my order shipped quickly and the receipt had a hand written thank you. I love little notes like that.

Comments: Most of my cloth pads are AIOs (All-In-Ones: No inserts/folding required), but I am leaning towards more foldable pads. I do NOT recommend paying full price for these pads as you may have problems with them. Instead buy their seconds or pre-used pads. I have 2 mini pads that were pre-used and 1 brand new second day pad. I do use them a lot, but please be careful about the shrinking issue!

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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Re: Sckoon (US/CAN)

Post  notamama Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:42 am

I tried a couple of the insert style Sckoon's and really didn't like them. I have found that the top liner/insert style of pad really doesn't work for me - folding the insert just right is a hassle, and I usually bleed onto the front holder portion so I end up changing the whole pad anyway. The inserts don't really fit into the pad very well, and the style of the holders makes it impossible to pull them in so they fit snugly. I haven't used the pads themselves in months.

However, I do really love the inserts - they are super soft and fairly absorbent, so I started using them for post-sex cleanup Smile Because I like and still use the inserts pretty regularly, these weren't a total loss for me and I gave them a 3.


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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Not bad...

Post  GSD Gal Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:46 pm

I picked up a couple liners and a day pad from Sckoon and liked a lot about them. Especially their trial price for a day pad (almost half off!). I love that they stayed in place and that they use an insert system (so you don't have to change the whole pad). But I also found that I would bleed onto the holder regularly so I'd end up needing to change the whole pad. I also feel like the holders will stretch out over time and not hold the insert as well as they currently do (although I have not had enough time to see if that will happen or not).

The leakproof barrier was a nice comfort when I knew I was going to have a long day. And I did also like the leakproof material as it was fairy slip resistant (something I'm prone to). However, the inserts and top portion of the pad only come in organic undyed cotton so there will be stains if you do not use a stain remover (like me). I found soaking them in water would help reduce stains, but they are inevitable.

Overall, I love the system and do wear them during my monthly. They are a little more bulky than some, so I don't wear them with leggings, and I do worry how they will wear, but you can't beat their comfort!


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Sckoon (US/CAN) Empty Re: Sckoon (US/CAN)

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