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Leaving a review - Read this first

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Leaving a review - Read this first Empty Leaving a review - Read this first

Post  Obsidian Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:11 pm

Why we are reviewing products
This review forum is for leaving reviews on brands of Washing/cleaning products (for use with reusable menstrual products) that you have personally tried/used yourself. The aim of this review section is to provide feedback and reviews on different brands, to help others make informed decisions on their purchases. Through reading other people's opinions and accounts about the product, it can help us get a feel for that product and find out information we may not find elsewhere.

The rating system:
The review listings have a poll for a rating, and a section for comments. The rating is a score out of 5. You could think of the rating system as being something like:

1 - I didn't like this product at all
2 - I don't really like the product very much
3 - I neither like or dislike this product/This product is mediocre
4 - I liked this product but there were some aspects I didn't like
5 - I really liked this product

What you should comment on
The most constructive and useful reviews are ones that include information about how and why you liked or disliked a product. Things like: Customer Service, Effectiveness, Value for money and anything else you might want to add.

Rules for leaving a review
In order to have these reviews as constructive and honest as possible, while not being detrimental to any brand, we do have some rules.

1). Review/feedback must be from your own personal experience with the product (No "I have heard these leak" type statements - it must be based on your personal experience)

2). Review/feedback should be written in a way that is not slanderous, libellous or defamatory (Posts that are, may be removed and/or edited for your own, as well as this forums legal safety).

3). Reviews should be constructive. You are welcome to say you don't like a product, but keep in mind that products like these are not going to work the same for everyone, and if they don't work for you, it doesn't mean they won't work for others. If you have issues with a brand, it is more helpful to explain where those problems were, than to make a blanket statement like "it doesn't work".

4). Customer service issues. While we all hate it when e-mails aren't replied to on time, or shipping is delayed - remember that in some cases these sellers/manufacturers are working part-time from home, sometimes with young children and other commitments, and you cannot always expect the same type of service you would receive from a large store who employs staff to do customer service. You are free to comment on customer service issues, but please keep in mind that people's experience can vary, and if you have a delay due to some reason out of the ordinary, then that is not an indication that they will always have delays.

5). No discussions of reviews are allowed within the reviews. If you want to comment on someone's review - there is a forum here - where you can discuss it. Any comments that are not reviews may be removed/moved to keep the review threads solely for reviews.

6). A note to sellers/manufacturers - You should not vote for, or review/comment on your own product. If you wish to discuss something, you may do so in the review discussion forum mentioned above. Please feel free to leave reviews of other brand though.


Our last forum disappeared due to a server breakdown at our last host. Reviews from that old forum that we were able to retrieve have been carried over to this forum by copying the reviews exactly as they were written in the previous reviews. However because they have been copied over, they will be collected and posted in the one post, rather than being posted in separate posts.

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