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Comfort And a Bit of Sexual Delight Try a Teddie Tonight

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Comfort And a Bit of Sexual Delight Try a Teddie Tonight Empty Comfort And a Bit of Sexual Delight Try a Teddie Tonight

Post  Shelitwining Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:56 pm

A teddy is a luxury item worn by women for a sexy and hot look while on a romantic night out. A typical Teddy has a Camisole like top and a fuller lower portion for the garment. A few versions may fetaure adjustable straps. They are made of chic shinny materials like satins, silks, etc. Laces, trimmings etc are all used to make them more feminie, sexy and wanted.

Slips are inspired by Chemises or shifts. The slip is sleeveless and of full length. They are made of linens, satins, cottons, etc. Many women prefer teddies or if you like teddys over slips or nighties as they do not ride up or bunch when slept in and are fairly comfortable. Many women wear these beneath their clothing as they are comfortable yet give one a sense of femininity as well. If your looking for comfort and a bit of sexual delight try a teddie tonight. These sexy little wisps of sensual delight are not all that common and we find very few to list. There is nothing more comfortable than slipping into a comfy sleepwear and going to bed at night. They will agree unanimously that if given a choice, they would stomp about in those all day be at work and at play. The thing that comes to mind first for most people when they think of lingerie is the teddy. They come in a variety of styles with some having built in bras and some that have no cups. They can be used to hide flaws or worn as a sexy shirt with a favorite skirt or pair of pants and you will be the only one that knows you are really wearing a teddy until you decide to reveal it to a special someone. Ashley Kelsch, owner and creative mind behind downtown's Teddies for Bettys, exudes confidence. As I mentioned before, there are numerous styles and choices available so it is easy for anyone to find something that will work well for them. You want to make sure that you know your dress size, bra and panty size, as well as your blouse size so you will have all of the information you need to get just the right teddy for you. There are even more fabric designs than there are different styles of teddies and of course they are available in myriad of colors as well. Similar to silk, satin is another great choice and it is also easier to care for. If you aren't bothered by lace these types of teddies are very hot and their revealing nature is lots of fun.

Her presence is commanding, and empowering. Mother, runner, boutique owner and community icon - she has a firm grip on her "true self" and meets her day-to-day with enthusiasm and an infectious drive for success. Teddies for Bettys bears its insignia, and its philosophy. Prior to my first Teddies experience, I had often walked by the shop and admired the elaborate, and witty window displays.


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